Duikbootfestival (submarine festival) 24 Aug 2019

Duikbootfestival (submarine festival)

During the 5th edtion of Duikboot Festival a long sherished wish of the organisation has come true. In collabration with a young and innovative company of Breda and deejay Luuk van Dijk, Duikboot Festival offers their visitors to dance on the bottom of de Asterdplas.

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Swim to Fight Cancer 1 Sep 2019

Swim to Fight Cancer

A group volunteers is organising the event 'Swim to Fight Cancer' for the first time in Breda on Sunday the 1st of September. Swim to Fight Cancer will be hold in the port and canals of Breda. This event is going to be special; a day to never forget. One with a smile and a tear, the other with a lot of effort and passion.

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